Welcome and Thank you for visiting Coffee Me Up. We are a husband and wife team who believe that a small act of love and kindness will transcend and cause a ripple affect passed on from one to an other and so on. Our mission is to share this and make it a part of everyones day when they visit Coffee Me Up. We believe in the human connection, positive energy, caring and sharing all matters of the heart. These little things are a huge part of our lives, they mean a lot to us, we have committed to serving you well and we will always keep our word. We realize that every detail matters, so we decided to start with the physical space which causes the initial impact we will have when you walk through the door. We built Coffee Me Up together with the help of some great friends, from rough to finish, over the course of five months. Paying close attention to every detail that would instill a warm, comfortable cozy feeling, the moment you walk in. We wanted it to be white, bright, and cheerful.

We pay as much attention to detail on the coffee we serve. We realize that this also makes a huge impact on achieving our mission. We make sure that our espresso is ground, tamped and extracted properly, this means that your espresso based beverages such as macchiatos, lattes, cappuccinos, taste amazing. Not too sour, not too bitter, just right; basically no sugar needed. Oh and yes, we do pay as much attention to our pastries, breakfast and lunch sandwiches.

Lastly, we aim to create a happy, caring, and pleasant home away from home. We care about our team, and are striving each day to teach and inspire, by example. We are learning and growing in this together. Ultimately the goal is to serve you the same high quality service and product when we are not there. After all the biggest satisfaction is teaching our staff how to best serve our customer and fulfill our mission.